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Boilers & Radiant Heating

What is a boiler? Simply put, a boiler is a closed metal container where water or other fluids are heated and the heated vapors and fluids are used for central heating purposes. A boiler based system delivers heat to every area of the home by transmitting the heat to the air, radiator, or other radiant heating device. Boilers and radiator systems have been used for decades. This tried and true technology was originally popular in the Northeast because it used steam to distribute warmth throughout a home or building without the use and expense of pumps.

While heating systems using pumps and forced air are popular in newer homes, radiant heat systems come in a close 2nd. Radiant heating is more efficient than baseboard heating, and often more efficient than heating using pumps and forced air because there is no energy to be lost through air ducts. Liquid based boilers and radiant systems use very little electricity which can be an added bonus for those living in areas prone to high electricity prices and outages. But, keep in mind that systems can be heated by a variety of fuel sources, not just electric. They can also use wood, coal, oil, natural gas, solar panels or a combination of sources.

Many customers are concerned with the efficiency of their current boiler and radiant system. Of course newer models are equipped with more safety and efficiency features, but there may be no need to replace an older model. After performing an extensive evaluation of your existing boilers condition, our experienced technicians will be able to advise you on whether or not a conversion or upgrade is right for you. Often times, a simple cleaning and a little maintenance can restore a boiler system to proper working condition and replacement is not necessary. But, it is important that a system be properly sized. Units that are too small will run constantly, while a unit that is too large will not run a full cycle, shutting off soon after turning on leading to additional wear and tear on equipment. Both units too small and too large reduce the efficiency of heating a home, not to mention can raise costs. Separate zone controls, thermostats, and automatic radiator valves can be installed in large homes for more efficiency, heating only the areas of the home when and where it’s needed. The solutions are endless!

Talk to your heating and cooling experts at Clayton. We can give you advice on what system would work best for your home. With the exceptional quality work you receive from Clayton Heating and Air Conditioning, your home will be radiating comfort and efficiency for years to come!

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