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Geothermal Solutions

While the air temperature around us may fluctuate with the seasons, the ground beneath our feet stays at a fairly constant temperature. This is where geothermal systems come into play. By using a loop of underground piping, heat is pumped from the ground to heat a home during winter and during the summer the heat is extracted through the same system. The idea of geothermal heating and cooling is nothing new as they have been used in homes for over 50 years. But, with so much incentive to “go green” in today’s society, it’s obvious why these systems are gaining popularity.

Geothermal systems encourage the conservation of natural resources and lower greenhouse emissions. Even the sights and sounds of a geothermal system are more pleasant than the traditional options. They are much quieter when operating and require no bulky external units to detract from the aesthetic beauty of your home.

This energy solution isn’t that only thing that’s “green,” so are the big bucks a homeowner saves by installing and using a geothermal system. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that homeowners can expect a savings in utility bill costs by 30% to 70% for heating and 20% to 50% for cooling. Though the cost of installing a geothermal system might be off-putting to some homeowners, the switch to geothermal systems practically pays for itself. A homeowner can expect an average savings of $700.00 per year in utility bills and a recoupment of the initial cost in as little as 5 years. Another bonus of a geothermal system is that they require less maintenance and are more reliable. A geothermal system is an investment that will last for decades. Start the process today and contact your friendly local heating and cooling guys at Clayton!

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