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Clayton Heating and Air Conditioning is a full service heating company, including:

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Sheet Metal Fabrication

The phrase “One Size Fits All” is hardly ever true, especially when it comes to heating and cooling as very few houses are exactly the same. Many heating and cooling companies run into problems when working on systems that don’t fit a particular home, or when a part needs customization to fit or work properly.

What do the other companies do? Well, we’re not quite sure because at Clayton Heating and Air Conditioning we don’t have that problem. Even jobs requiring special fittings are no hassle for Clayton’s crew, since Clayton has a full custom sheet metal shop to make even the trickiest pieces of a heating or cooling system fit like a glove. We strive to satisfy our customers, no matter what the situation may be. When the situation requires our company to go the extra mile, we don’t’ mind after all saving our customers time, money, and peace of mind is part of Clayton’s commitment to excellence.

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